Club Penguin Walkthrough of Mission 11

Here are the steps you need to follow to complete this mission (which can be pretty challenging):

  1. Click and talk to Gary, the gadget guy who will ask you a question. Answer with, “Are those corn seeds?” and you can proceed to the next step.
  2. Go to the gift shop and click on Rookie to talk to him. After chatting with him, you have to click on yellow corn seeds on the floor and put them in your inventory.
  3. Go upstairs to the office and talk to the Jet Pack Guy. Pick up the corn seeds under the table and put them in your inventory.
  4. Now, your spy phone will start to ring but the call will not make through. Click on “Visit HQ” on your spy phone and you will be taken to the HQ.
  5. Click on Gary to talk to him.
  6. The screens in the HQ will be invaded by Herbert and you need to keep talking to him till the conversation ends and Herbert leaves the screen.
  7. After talking to Gary, go to the Light House and pick up the DVD under the piano. Also pick up the bottle of cleaning solution and rag from the room. Use these to clean the DVD.
  8. Click on the can in the Light House and put it in your inventory.
  9. Go to the beach and put your can in the ocean so it gets filled up. Put the filled can in your inventory.
  10. Go to the HQ and enter the Gadget Room and put the can in the Test Chamber Machine. Click on the ice button and click on the right lever.
  11. Pick up the ice and put it in your inventory.
  12. Go back to the light house and go upstairs to the Beacon. Give the ice in your inventory to Rory.
  13. Pick up the lens and put it in your inventory and talk to Rory.
  14. Go to Ski village and talk to the brown penguin and give the lens to him.
  15. Click on the black system behind the TV screen and click on eject.
  16. Insert the DVD you had picked up before in the player and close it.
  17. You will be able to hear Herbert’s voice but there will be no visual.
  18. Go back behind the TV screen and click on your spy phone and click on the red blinking button.
  19. Click on the wrench and put it on the signal box to open it.
  20. Guess the right color code and it will tell you where the signal is coming from (the Mine Shack).
  21. Enter the corn field and go through the corn maze to meet Herbert. Talk to him and unplug his computer.
  22. Herbert will transport you back to the HQ.
  23. Click on the machine coming out of the closet and solve the puzzle.
  24. Talk a bit and you will be promoted!

You’ve completed your first Club Penguin Walkthrough, Mission accomplished!